With a 20% market growth of the co-working market each year, good coffee and random events are not enough to maintain your competitive position. The best way to secure your business is to grow that of your tenants. This is exactly what we help you with. 


Community value = taxation value

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How we work 

We smartly use the building and the virtual workplace to connect all expertise and energy under your roof to exponentially grow new business through co-creation. 


#1 Co-creation potential scan

A clear understanding of the co-creation potential for you and your tenants

  • 100% insight in the current business status and expertis of your tenants
  • 100% insight in the willingness to pay among your tenants for co-creation as a service
  • 100% insight in your current performance regarding co-creation 


€ 2.000,- VAT 

#2 Co-creation as a service

Maximum impact on the business succes of you and your tenants

  • 24/7 monitoring of the business progress
  • Bi-weekly coaching 
  • Bi-weekly on demand training 
  • Automated peer to peer mentoring
  • Pitch contest facilitation


Starting from € 1.000,- p.m. 


#3 Ecosystem design

Selfserviced co-creation ecosystem | Custom made

  • Self sustaining virtual platform 
  • Onboarding service new tenants 
  • Optimized interior 
  • Smart partnership/investing contracting system
  • Training on demand 
  • Coaching on demand


Pricing to be agreed upon


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